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05 September 2011

Obradovic: "We all function as a large family"



  • Manuel Brocos

Photo: Paul ZimmerBogdan Obradovic (SRB)


Q: Serbia is yet to be beaten on home soil since 2006. What makes you so competitive at home?

Bogdan Obradovic: I think all the players are highly motivated to play for their country and when they get extra energy from the audience, they play even better. This is why we play great matches at home. Few people can boast to have 20,000 spectators who fanatically cheer for your team.

Q: Novak Djokovic’s season is being amazingly successful but very demanding at the same time. Do you have any concern about Novak’s availability for the tie only a week after the US Open?

B.O.: Last year I was substituting Marjan Vajda, Novak's coach, and was with Novak at the US Open, so we arrived too late to prepare for the semi-final match and I know very well how hard it all was for Novak. Any professional who decides to play DC for his country, is ready in advance for the great sacrifice, but if you win, this energy is more than repaid.

Q: In the months following last year´s final, Janko Tipsarevic went from 49 to 23 in the ATP ranking and Viktor Troicki from 28 to 15. Do you think that the Davis Cup title played a role in this improvement?

B.O.:It certainly had. Novak raised standards for all the players in the national team, and by his example showed that one can grow up in Serbia and become the best player in the world. All of them are great friends off the court and they support each other. Regardless of the fact that tennis is an individual sport, we all function as a large family.

Q: Serbia not only benefits from having the singles world No. 1 in its ranks but also the doubles world No. 6 player. What does the figure of such an experienced player as Nenad Zimonjic means for the team?

B.O.:Nenad gives a special harmony to the team. He is the oldest in the team and is always able to give the right advice at the right time. He has great patience for other players and he has been a great professional for many years, which he showed by the results and by his relationship towards the team.

Q: You were the underdogs last year and now you are the defending champions. Does it put more pressure on the team?

B.O.:We feel the same. Every match is a great challenge for us. We always go step by step. DC itself is very hard for the players and you can never say that one team is a favorite. You should search for new motives again and again, and each season is a story for itself.

Q: How do you see Del Potro´s current form? Do you think he can beat Novak Djokovic?

B.O.:Del Potro is a top player and when he plays his best tennis, he can certainly beat anyone. The big question arises regarding his form, in terms of maintaining the quality of the game. In the last three seasons he showed a lot of downfalls in the game, which among other things were provoked by certain injuries. Novak is a much more stable and it, practically, is his greatest quality. In the last four seasons, Novak did not have a single larger drop in form, any injury, which is a great advantage comparing to all other players on the tour.

Q: What do you think about the health of the Serbian tennis in terms of young talent, future expectations...?

Certainly, the popularity of tennis in Serbia, due to such good results, has grown rapidly. However, comparing the situation to many larger countries than Serbia, we can see that quantity does not have to bring top results. It is important to make several centers where you have to work in the best possible way with players who have potential to be top professionals.

Q: How do you qualify the chances for both teams in this tie? 50-50 or you see your country as favourite?

B.O.:We have never felt as favorites, and we entered every match with a huge desire to win. This time will be the same situation, along with the maximum respect for the Argentinean national team.

Q: In case of victory...What rival would you prefer in the final, Spain or France?

With Spain we would play again at home, which is certainly a great advantage comparing to the French, whom we would visit. As for the strength of the two teams, they are equal and you have to play your best tennis as a team in order to defeat them.

Questions from Twitter and Facebook

Jasmina Ralevic: What is your opinion about Argentina's davis cup team?

B.O.:They are a very compact team. They have the experienced Nalbandian, who is an excellent DC player. They also have Del Potro, who is good on all surfaces. With Monaco and Chela, they are a remarkable and competitive team.

Silvina Funes: Do you have in mind the opinions of the players to decide who is going to play first and second? Or you decide this alone?

B.O.:As for the choice of players, the decision is made in the preparation period. I certainly talk a lot with them and we together decide on who is most ready for the game. What is important to emphasize is the sincerity of my players, who never cheer for themselves if they feel they cannot give their best and are not ready to bring victory. This is a big advantage for me as the captain of the team, comparing to other teams.

Archibald Gilles: How could you find your ways to beat Argentina and who is your key player to win against Argentina?

It is important to be better in three matches and then you are the winner! We are a team that breathes as one, and it doesn't matter who brought the victory.

@100blows:  Have you considered playing Nole in doubles?

Since we have Nenad as a doubles specialist, Novak, Viktor and Janko are ready to play in combination with him, whenever it is needed. Depending on the duration of singles matches, I decide who will play with Nenad.

@CioraBogdan: What s the most dangerous team in this year Davis Cup for SRB? And what is Bogdan Obradovic opinion about ESP-FRA rubber?

B.O.:We, ourselves, are the most dangerous team for Serbia, which means that, if we don't play well, we can lose in the first round of the DC. As for the match ESP – FRA, I think that Spain is the favorite, in case Nadal plays for the national team. But Spaniards are aware that they will have to give their maximum in order to beat the French.

@joepah: What is Serbia DC team's favourite surface?

B.O.:Surely that is the surface on which we played the finals against France. That's the surface we mostly use, and it has brought us victories.

@alejandra_msk Are you planning to bring new players to the Team or the current one is the DreamTeam?:)

B.O.:Novak, Viktor and Janko and very young and I think we have to wait for a couple of years to bring some new name in the team.

DAVIS CUP RADIO: Live commentary of the World Group semifinals - Spain v France and Serbia v Argentina - will be broadcast on the Davis Cup website, alongside round-ups of all the action from the World Group play-offs (16-18 September).

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