19 Dec 2018

Governing bodies' statement on IRP Final Report

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About the ITF

Delivering a world-class anti-corruption regime for professional tennis remains a paramount priority for the  international governing bodies of tennis.

The Independent Review Panel’s Final Report, published today (19 December 2018) at www.tennisirp.com maps out a comprehensive route for the sport to follow in combatting betting-related corruption, particularly the vulnerabilities highlighted at the lower levels of the game.

It also confirms that the Panel has seen no evidence of any institutional corruption or cover-up by the international governing bodies or the Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU).

Having already confirmed our agreement in principle to the draft recommendations contained in the IRP’s Interim Report of April 2018, we will now work collectively to prioritise timely implementation of the Panel’s final integrity and governance recommendations.

The Panel acknowledges and credits progress already made in important areas, such as the number of successful prosecutions secured by the TIU; its expanded relationships with the betting industry; a major commitment to education and increased staffing levels. There is also recognition of structural changes made to improve the player pathway by the ITF and ATP.

Alongside the continued development and increased funding of the TIU, the sport has also acted on the Panel’s governance recommendations, and the recruitment process for a Chair to lead the new, independent Supervisory Board that will provide the highest quality strategic oversight, direction and guidance for the TIU is under way.

We aim to make this important appointment in early 2019, to be closely followed by selection of the remaining Board members.